Karina 31  

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Nationality: Ukrainian
Sex: Female
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian,
Height: 168 cm (5' 06")
Body type: Athletic
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown
I - lucky, because I can spare without regret and memories of bad in my life, to part with their past. Very romantic, my soul that seeks oberech themselves from the rough outside influence, and closes his rudeness, very gentle and ranimaya.Sposobna very strong passion for the partner, if it is interested, entice me. Predict my behavior is not possible, I have to accept that what I have in fact, to avoid causing scandals and squabbles. I can easily dream and fantasize, with my fantasies always imbued with romance and sublime bliss. I aspire to the ideal, and sometimes just do not notice what is going on with me here and now. Frequent change my mood may discourage others: another minute ago I happily laugh and have fun, and now - sad, worried, afraid of something and do not want to communicate with anyone. Really do not like the pressure on myself, I always walk away from a relationship in which I try to instruct "the right way" to teach, to guide. Due to its outstanding intellect, can not only be a good wife, but also other helpmate to her husband.

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