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Nationality: Ukrainian
Sex: Female
Language: English, Russian, Ukrainian,
Height: 156 cm (5' 01")
Body type: Average
Eyes: Green
Hair: Brown
I do not believe that the girl should achieve something in life. I just want to get married, loving husband, I want him to love me much, much, just want to be myself - a small, capricious child, and he would have loved it. I want it to be for me and my husband and dad and brother and friend. When I'm pregnant it will perform all my moods, feeling sorry for me, it will always be, but especially during pregnancy)) then the baby is bo and then he will have two children)) I will certainly do everything around the house, feed her husband to retu from work, he found himself in an atmosphere of love, warmth, comfort - our own little universe .. you can do whatever their favorite business for yourself, not for the money, for the soul, but she should not pursue any career goals, its main goal - a loving family harmony and comfort ..

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